166BPM – HoodooSmell

Hoodoo Smell

Paroles : Julien CHALMET
Musique : Alexandre SOUBRY / Julien CHALMET / Pierre-Erwan GRENET / David HAZAK

No more milk and honey
You know I’m not that kind
Looking for sweet and sour
And spice is what I like

Heard that your first name was Trouble
And your surname was Pain
I should have known from the start
That you would drive me insane

You’ve made a fool of me

Swallowing down your potion
Was a little bit risky
I drank it ’til the last drop
Until my mind went blank

I could have lost my fingers
Playing dices and poker
Your love’s a Russian roulette
And now it’s time to pull the trigger

You’ve made a fool of me

I do not understand what I’m doing
But I sure can’t break the curse you put on me

I’m addicted to your perfume
Some kind of hoodoo smell
Stronger than a magic mushroom
I guess I’m under your spell

You stole my soul and my money
And everything I’ve got
I hope you’ll burn in hell
For all the sins you’ve done

You’ve made a fool of me
You’ve made a fool of me


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